Jackpot Block Party Slot

As per this Jackpot Block Party slot review, this is a free video slot from WMS with a fun, light-hearted theme. Setup is of 30 paylines, and game spins across 5 reels. Hence, at first glance, the setup looks familiar and one that is easy to spin for most. Indeed, gamers can try a free Jackpot Block Party slot machine online to discover the party theme with festive bonus rounds. The operator has made the gameplay of the Jackpot Block Party slot engaging. There are four celebratory blocks to discover, which a highlighted factor here is.

Jackpot Block Party Slot Game

How to Play Jackpot Block Party?

Jackpot Block Party has a straightforward slot design. Here you find party-based symbols such as lava lamps, a disco ball, a cake, a sign saying party zone and more. When you play Jackpot Block Party by WMS online for free, you come across bonus rounds that are the main features here. They are Pick’em prize rounds. In order to get chances of unlocking bonus rounds, you need to be hitting on present icons. Additionally, you come across party poopers in the bonus spins of the Jackpot Block Party casino game. These characters keep the merry rounds moving on. Hence, in such ways, you can pick on prizes and get win credits till you come across the Skull and Crossbones symbol.

The software is flash-based, and the hardware version is available at many offline casinos even. Hence, you can come across this WMS slot machine at a casino of your choice. It is recommended that you do keep spinning it till you come across the bonus rounds. Indeed, once the bonus feature begins, you can find wins and money coming in for quite a while.

One highlight aspect here is that there are no free spins but blocks of presents to enjoy as Pick’em prize rounds. As per reviews, you can win as much as 3000 coins as the maximum reward here. Indeed, it is enough to try gaming on Jackpot Block Party free online slot with real coins as well. Hence, many try gambling on the game on different devices as WMS has made the software cross-platform compatible.


Jackpot Block Party spins on 30 paylines and across 5 reels. The paylines are fixed here, and buttons to set wagers are located in the section below the matrix. The minimum money value to start gaming is 0.01. This is the bet per spin option, after which you can set the symbols spinning. If you are new to a WMS powered casino, the chances are that you will come across a welcome bonus.

Winning features in the gameplay here include four festive bonus rounds. They are designed as four-party slots. As you spin slot machine Jackpot Block Party, you come across four rounds of parties, Office, Costume, VIP and Player. Each of these blocks will unlock and provide present symbols for players to click on. As a result, you come across money prizes or different features. For instance, you could land a party pooper. Here a separate screen comes on and asks you to click on a character. These characters then come alive and provide cash credits, additionally. Hence, winning amounts of coins accumulate in your account. Players can continue clicking on present symbols in all active bonus rounds till they come across a sign of the skull and crossbones. Once all bonus rounds are over in the Jackpot Block Party slot machine, the total win amount is calculated and reflects in your account.

Symbols and Wins

Jackpot Block Party online slot can give you wins in different ways, both in real money game and demo. For instance, when you come across certain symbols in 3 of a kind combination, you land wins:

  • Among them is the logo of the slot machine Jackpot Block Party slot machine. This acts as the wild here, which is high paying as well.
  • Scatters are three types of symbols, party noise makers, titled Feature 1, 2, 3. This help activates the bonus game when any three of these are found during the spins.
  • The bonus round in the Jackpot Block Party slot game comes about whenever you land any three of the Scatter icons. These can land on reels 1, 3, 5. Consequently, a second screen opens up, showcasing four blocks of celebrations. Initially, one block is open for you to pick on presents. You could get cash on a winning streak here. The wheel keeps on turning till you come across party pooper characters that help unlock additional party blocks. The bonus round ends when you come across the skull and crossbones sign.

How Can I Get Wins?

Besides knowing which special symbols bring about good payouts in the gameplay here, there are certain tips that can help optimize win possibilities:

  • Landing any three identical symbols will make a winning combo and provide a payout.
  • You can set wagers at maximum; since paylines are fixed, this configuration can help you see the biggest payouts for the winning combinations, including bonus rounds.
  • You could also opt for β€˜Autospin’ mode; this will put the reels spinning for a fixed number of times; what’s more, you can even limit losses or wins within a certain wagering range.
  • RTP here is 96.12%. This is a good percentage as per most casino games.

To understand how the game works, you could opt for a demo of the same on a compatible platform. Indeed, this particular WMS software is available for play on several licensed casino sites. You can even try it with free spins and bonuses to review it and see how combination wins come about.


Jackpot Block Party Slot Paytable

Symbols Payout 5 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 3 of a Kind
Logo 100 10 1
Gift 10 2.5 0.5
7 Party 0.4 2 5
Record Player 5 2 0.3

Mobile Experience

If you opt to play Jackpot Block Party slot online for free, you will realize that this Flash-based software does have certain limitations. You could find a casino site where you can run it on your mobile browser with real coins as well. However, with Flash technology being outdated, WMS needs to make the online Jackpot Block Party slot machine compatible with modern mobile browsers.

Once you come across Jackpot Block Party, you can take your chances to try and run the demo or take a gambling chance for risking real cash on the same. Indeed,Β you can play Jackpot Block Party slot game on any licensed WMS casino site with money since it is a fair gambling product.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Fun party theme.Bonus round provides Pick’em prizes.

Good RTP.

Free spins not found.Only one bonus feature.


Everyone looks for a relaxing slot game with a fun theme. That is where this video slot of the dealer holds the most appeal. You could try the free online Jackpot Block Party slot machine at any of the licensed casinos of the slot provider once you register for an account. Alternately, this slot machine is available to many offline casino operators as well. Many review forums also have the software on trial, allowing players to experience tumbling wins from the different symbols on their mobile devices.


1.Is it safe to play the Jackpot Block Party?

Yes, it is the licensed software of WMS, a reputed casino games provider.

2.Does the Jackpot Block Party have a high RTP?

Jackpot Block Party has a standard RTP of 96.12%.

3.What is the minimum deposit amount in Jackpot Block Party?

The minimum deposit that you need to make here is 0.01.

4.Can I play Jackpot Block Party if I am not from Canada?

Yes, this game software is available at many international casinos.

5.How to play Jackpot Block Party?

This particular software gives ample chances of winning. Simply set a bet and start spinning.

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