5 Dragons Slot

5 Dragons by Aristocrat Review

The 5 Dragons slot machine is a non-progressive video slot game that was developed by Aristocrat to provide you with a unique and fruitful gaming experience. It is one of the most popular online slot machines right now. It also has an immersive and unique design based on ancient Chinese mythology and culture.

The 5 Dragons slot machine has been designed to invoke images of the mystic and classic Chinese mythology. The symbols and icons used in this game are all sacred. It is also a very lucrative game, allowing players to access more than 243 different chances of hitting a winning combo. It is the quintessential casino game.

5 Dragons Slot Machine

The game is wonderful and straightforward. There are five reels in this video slot, and they will allow you to win in 25 different pay lines. The background of the slots is deep and velvety purple, and the icons are also interactive in nature. When you hit the winning combo, there are cool visual effects.

By investing only a small amount of cash, you will be able to win a rather decent amount of prizes when you play the free online 5 Dragons slot machine. If you get a particular combination during playing, you will also be able to enjoy attractive bonuses such as free spins. This game is great for a continuous winning streak.

How to Play 5 Dragons?

When you play the 5 Dragons casino game, the recommended thing is to play a few demo rounds to get accustomed to the rules and paylines. The symbol and icons are very beautiful, so you will need to know all the meanings very well. Some demo play is actually a very good idea.

After you practice 5 Dragons, you can begin by risking a small amount of money to buy some coins. Adjust the value of coins you want to bet on and the number of lines you wish to bet on. Once you are comfortable with your choices, all you have to do is press β€œSpin”!

You can play 5 Dragons online for free on any of the online casinos. By matching all the symbols and icons that appear on your screen, you will earn a good amount of cash and prizes as well. If you get the dragon symbol 2 or 3 times, you will enjoy free spins.


Dragons are a sacred and ancient symbol of prosperity and good luck in Chinese culture. That is why the most important symbol in this game is the dragon, which appears rarely. In ancient China, emperors used it as their symbol.

The mythology and story behind the significance of the dragon add a lot of flair to the gaming experience provided by the 5 Dragons game. Aristocrat has made a delightful and engaging game that will allow you to win a decent amount of money. For a small investment, you will be able to win a large combination of prizes.

  • Scatter symbol: The scatter symbol in the 5 Dragons online slot game is the gold coin. If you obtain three or more gold coins after a spin, then you will have activated the free spins round. In this round, you get to choose from the dragon symbol, after which you will be able to access a free spins multiplier bonus.
  • Wild symbol: In the 5 Dragons slot game, you will notice that the green dragon symbol is the wild symbol. Whenever this symbol appears on your screen, you will be able to substitute it with any other (except the scatter). If it appears on your reel, you will get a winning combination, and you could win more money.
  • Bonus game symbol: The most lucrative combination in this game is the red envelope symbol. When this appears on your screen, you will be able to increase your winning amount by 50 times. While you play 5 Dragons slots, getting the red envelope symbol will let you win a large sum of money. Plus, you can get a huge multiplier reward.
  • Betting range: The coin denominations will range from $0.01 to $4, and you have to bet a minimum of 25 coins on every spin. The minimum bet that you will be able to make is $0.25, and the maximum amount of cash that you could bet is $100. If you increase stakes, you get free spins.

5 Dragons Slot Machine Paytable

Real Money Game

It is highly recommended that you play the demo version of the 5 Dragons free online slot game before you bet real money. The 5 Dragons slot game is free to play, so you can practice on the demo mode for as long as you like. When you are familiar with winning combinations, you can make better decisions.

It is also a good idea to switch on the auto-spin feature while you are playing. You can choose the number of spins beforehand to set the amount of money that you stake on the whole game. The 5 Dragons slot review recommends players to make small bets at first and then increase the amount later on.

When you play 5 Dragons slot games, you will also be able to access a dynamic paytable and a wide range of payouts. The free spins version will also be activated, which will let you win a multiplied version of the winnings. 5 Dragons is a fantastic game with a high RTP of almost 96%.

Mobile Experience

  1. iOS: You can access the free 5 Dragons slot machine online if you have an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. All of your Apple devices are 100% compatible with the game, so you will not have to face any trouble. Just make sure that the Flash Player is installed and runs on your device.
  2. Android: The slot machine 5 Dragons can also be played on all Android devices, which are all compatible with the game. You will be able to find the game on some gambling websites. You can also find the game quite easily on an online gaming page.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Players can win a lot of cool prizes. The winning amounts can be rather inconsistent.
Graphics and sound effects are great.
Multipliers are very lucrative.


When you play 5 Dragons by Aristocrat, you get an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience. The rich sound and visual effects pull you headfirst into the mystical world of Chinese mythology. The slots game is super easy to play, and it will enable you to win a large number of cash prizes too.


1. Is it safe to play 5 Dragons?

Yes, it is entirely safe for you to play the 5 Dragons slot game. The gaming protocol installed is completely encrypted, so all of your personal information is 100% safe always.

2. Does 5 Dragons have high volatility?

5 Dragons can be described as a game with a medium level of volatility. The RTP is very high, but the amount of money that you can win is going to be inconsistent.

3. What is the minimum deposit amount in 5 Dragons?

The range falls between $0.25 and $100, and each coin can take on a value ranging between $0.10 and $4. $0.25 is the minimum deposit per pay line.

4. Can I play 5 Dragons if I am not from Canada?

Whether you can play this game or not will depend on the local laws of the country that you live in. Check your laws before making a deposit.

5. How to play 5 Dragons?

You have to decide on the amount of money that you would like to bet and the number of lines that you want to bet on. Once that is done, click on the β€œSpin.”

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